Introducing the Gallery’s New Co-Director – Views by Linda Cejka

“I have been passionate about art for most of my life and feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to volunteer and assist at the Hallet Oak Gallery. I admire what the Gallery has done in just a couple of years and the dedication to the artists and volunteers as well as offering the community many opportunities at the gallery.

When I travel to a new town, city or country — the first places I know I have to visit — are art galleries and museums.

I have been blessed with my job as a Tour Coordinator for schools throughout the US to travel to New York City and Washington, D.C. many times.

  • When in New York, I will go see the special exhibits at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and also enjoy the photography and art being sold outside on the sidewalks by street vendors.
  • The architecture of the Chrysler Building and the Empire State Building are awe inspiring.
  • There is always a new museum or gallery to experience.
  • In Washington, D.C. there is art everywhere from the statues of the Korean War Memorial to the painted ceiling in the Capitol Building as well as the numerous Smithsonian museums and architecture of the monuments and buildings.

My interests in the arts are varied.

  • I see beauty in the natural gemstones displayed at the Houston Museum of Science and the colorful painted pottery in Mexico open markets.
  • I also appreciate the way things are displayed and the importance of the preservation of historical items.

I remember going to a museum in Eagle Lake, TX with my father and he showed me a long cotton bag on display that was similar to one he used when helping his family pick cotton. Now years after that I see a painting in the Hallet Oak Gallery that displays people picking cotton and pulling these long bags down the rows.

I grew up in Houston but spent many weekends in Hallettsville since this is my father’s home town. Currently there are paintings in the Hallet Oak Gallery of local churches and the courthouse and of hay fields that show the beauty of the local area.


I love to create and share art with everyone around me.


The gifts I think of giving for birthdays or holidays can be pillows I sewed from specially chosen fabric or a book on art history or a print I found that I thought would be enjoyed.

I talk about art and read articles about exhibits and share them with my friends. We will discuss our thoughts on different art works and the ideas or techniques presented. A friend sent me an interesting article about a series of photos taken of people observing different art pieces that were similar to the clothing they were wearing.
I also read an essay about how art helps people to deal with physical pain or emotional trauma.

Art does so much to enhance individual people’s lives and communities. I want to be a part of the Gallery and help it continue to grow.

How exciting for Hallettsville to have a creative space to see art and learn art in the beautiful Kahn and Stanzel Building.
When I am inside and look out the tall windows and see the Hallettsville Courthouse it is a view that is beyond compare.

I would like to offer to help search for funding opportunities and to volunteer at events and to teach art classes.

I do work full time during the week from my office in Schulenburg but want to be a part of the Hallet Oak Gallery and will volunteer as much as possible.”

Thank you – Linda Cejka, Hallet Oak Gallery Co-Director