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Hallet Oak Gallery 2018 Goals:

To offer programs that encourage art education and appreciation for the betterment of our health and environment — working with city, schools, and other non-profits.
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Mother and Child at Historical Art Show

Historical Art Show

Hallet Oak Gallery’s ultimate goal is to revitalize Hallettsville through art and culture. To create new programs for health and environment through art. The Hallet Oak Gallery is a place to exhibit art, see art, and learn art and is the artistic and cultural center of Lavaca County. The organization offers six different core services that target active senior citizens and students from 24 area schools affected by cut-backs in art funding. Our services include:

One-stop Learning Center – Free Family Days

  • Cultural Arts Exhibitions – Students, Emerging, Established Exhibits 
  • Educational Outreach – Public Lunch & Learns, Student Tours/Lectures   
  • Artist Studio Programs – Encouraging Artist to Teach
  • Special Cultural Opportunities –  Patriotic Art Exhibit;  Hallettsville Livestock & Rodeo Contest; First Day of Spring Chalk Art Festival; Juneteenth Celebration; Lavaca County Art in Architecture; Pumpkin Harvest Spooktacular; and  Chriskindlmarkt,  Downtown Hallettsville – Open to the public for free – with support by Dr. Betty J. Edwards and Donors.
  • Art Trail and Civic Programs – Encouraging  beautification, environmental education, art contests, tourism, and public Art 

We are an all-volunteer board and are in immediate need of donations to help keep our doors open to the public.

How to Donate: Online Square or PayPal.

Or write a check to:

Hallet Oak Foundation

P.O. Box 662

Hallettsville, TX 77964

We will forward you a letter of receipt with our EIN number. We appreciate each and every dollar donated. It’s a good and well-needed cause.

Thank you! Together we are inspiring and exercising minds!



About Contributions:

Like all not-for-profit centers, Hallet Oak Gallery relies on donations to cover revolving bills to keep the doors open and for continuing programs and developing new ones. Your support of Hallet Oak Foundation represents a significant role in helping Hallet Oak Gallery and Friends of Hallettsville Downtown Revitalization fulfilling its purpose and mission to the community it serves. All donations to Hallet Oak Foundation are fully tax deductible per IRS guidelines as a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization.

Contribution Levels:

We can achieve these goals by generous donations. And every dollar counts: Contributors: $30 and over.  Patron of the Arts: $100 and over.  Benefactor: $250 and over. Operation Supporter: $800 and over. Hallet Oak Society: $5000 and over.  Legacy: $10,000 and over.  Event Sponsor: $200 and over donation will be listed in the press release for sponsoring refreshments, decorations, speakers, and/or music for an event. Volunteer: Donates time as docent or assisting with events and facilities. Trailblazer: Visits Gallery regularly, and/or attends classes, events, and shops the Gallery for gifts and art. Gift in Honor or Memory – any donation of $30 or more will be listed on In Memory of Donor Page and a donation of $160 or more will be listed on our ads. Upon request names of donors of $160 or more will be listed in the Downtown Happenings ad and our poster. Donors will be engraved above the Hallettsville Historical Timeline.

Upon request names of donors of $160 or more will be listed in the Downtown Happenings ad and our poster. Donors will be engraved above the Hallettsville Historical Timeline.

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Most of the programs are offered for free to the community. Because of this, the Gallery relies on the generosity of community partners to deliver important services without interruption. For more information visit: and

Additional support for Gallery events comes in part from the City of Hallettsville, Dr. Betty J. Edwards,  Patrons, Sponsors, Docents, Memberships and Participants.

2018 Hallet Oak Gallery Themed Events: Be a Part of it! Volunteer or be a Sponsor!

  • Patriotism
  • Live Stock and Rodeo
  • Architecture
  • First Day of Spring
  • Juneteenth
  • Spooktacular
  • Christkindmart

To learn how you can help or be a part of the gallery, contact Mieko Mahi, Founder & Executive Director, Hallet Oak Gallery at or call 361-217-7030.



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