Blanche and Roy Cavaretta

Hallet Oak Gallery located in the Kahn & Stanzel Building, 115 N. Main St., Hallettsville, TX 77964, 361-217-7030. Roy & Blanche Cavarretta, Artist in the Gallery.


Roy Cavarretta didn’t discover Lavaca County, Lavaca County discover Roy Cavarretta.

Roy Cavarretta is Lavaca County’s most cherished artist for his gourd art and pen and ink landmark drawings. His work has been featured in Texas Monthly, Texas Highways, Southwest Art, Texas Farm & Home, and Western Art & Architecture.

Roy lives in Lavaca County and shares a studio with his wife, Blanche, an artist as well. Blanche art work has been gaining recognition for her bright colors and soft touch that bring delight to any room. They tour together to showcase their artworks.