About Hallet Oak Foundation

Named after the Hallet Oak Tree to symbolize community, growth, family and in honor of Margaret Hallet – welcome to the About Our Foundation page. Hallet Oak Foundation is our parent name recognized by the IRS for our 501 (c) 3 non-profit status. Hallet Oak Gallery and Friends of Hallettsville Downtown Revitalization are assume names of the Hallet Oak Foundation through the State of Texas. Visit www.halletoakfoundation.com or www.GuideStar.org for specific program details.

Message from the Founder:

“We represent two DBA’s (doing business as) names for two goals: cultural art activities and civic/environmental projects through cultural arts.  Hallet Oak Foundation is the parent company for managing and receiving donations.

Our revitalization goal is to not make changes to the size and operation of our small rural community, but to cultivate the offerings in our county to encourage visitors to shop, stay in our hotels, B & B, and R.V. Parks and campgrounds, and visit safely.  We need more people to stay overnight and visit our businesses routinely so that our children can work in Hallettsville, if they choose, and so that our businesses can thrive. Our Gallery goals are to offer hands-on workshops and more art activities for community enjoyment and education.

Our visitors will be active senior citizens, families, and students – those that would enjoy family-friendly events, enjoy seeing a historical building and enjoy experiencing original artworks. We hope to bring in vistors that might never have the opportunities to visit and  would like to bring them in to be inspired and consider learning how to paint and take creative photographs in a three to four day workshop.

Want to help? Our visitors want to eat, sleep, shop, and do many activities back to back. Be a part of it! Sign up for the Hallet Oak Gallery newsletter to learn about our events; help other local businesses by giving their name out to friends as places to see; and join a chamber near you – so that you can share news and pamphlets about your favorite places in our area. Together we can change lives by  inspiring and exercising minds!” – Mieko Mahi, Executive Director