Linda Cejka, Communications Coordinator, Hallet Oak Foundation discusses themes and direction for Hallet Oak Gallery

Linda Cejka, Communications Coordinator for Hallet Oak Foundation, explains “We can change lives by inspiring and exercising minds with art projects focused on health, well-being and the environment.

  • The Hallet Oak Gallery is a place to engage with the arts as an individual and a community.
  • Visiting the Gallery and discussing the art on display with your friends and family can spark new ideas and conversations about the subject shown in a painting or the colors that get your attention and the emotions they make you feel.
  • Attending art classes lets you meet new people in a fun creative environment while you learn a new skill. Research shows that doing art can also help relieve some physical pain by offering an expressive distraction to a person while they are working on an art project.
  • Attending an art class or looking at art also helps keep the mind active and gets a person to think of memories and events in their life as they talk about art.
  • Doing, sharing and discussing art all contribute to a person’s self-esteem.
  • Attending artist lectures and visiting with artists can give you new information and increase your knowledge about art.
  • Art can also provide you time to be alone and relax while you work on a painting or take photos of the architecture in the town square or while walking through a country field.
  • Being outside and experiencing nature and your surroundings develops an appreciation for the environment.
  • You can share images of places you feel are important to conserve and keep clean like a river or community park.
  • Finding ways to protect the environment improves the quality of life in your community.

These are just some ways that the visual arts can provide an opportunity for enjoyment while enhancing your health and putting a focus on the environment.


Programs desired to develop in depth with 24 area schools:

A Tree of Life for Seasons

Paint yourself Beautiful

First Day of Spring Chalk Art

Architecture Contest

Pumpkin Contest 

Goals we have at the Hallet Oak Gallery in the area of Health and Environment.



1) Get in touch with self


2) Encourage quiet time


3) Encourage original art


4) Spark new interest


5) Encourage memories


6) Create positive memories


7) Lower anxiety and stress


8) Coping with grief and loss


9) Form new connections


10) Pain Relief






1) Encourage recycling


2) Appreciate our historical architecture


3) Learn about our native flowers and species.


4) Encourage positive thoughts for future


5) Be aware of surroundings


6) Create art with recycled items


7) Photograph the environment


8) Share emotions created by your environment