Programs, volunteers, donations and grants needed for 2018.

Visual Arts for the the Betterment of our Health and Environment working with city, schools, and other non-profits. 

There has been an overwhelming demand for us to provide a variety of arts: acrylic, oil painting, and photography. We need programs that will create compassion for our natural world through art. And we can accomplish this by offering art education and appreciation programs that encourage art for the betterment of our health and environment — working with city, schools, and other non-profits.

  • Creating pride and civic responsibility in one’s town, state, and nation.
  • Creating art with nature, discarded man-made items and finding re-uses.
  • Encouraging team-work to develop art using math and science.
  • Understanding the history of immigrants, including African-Americans.
  • Developing appreciation for the historical preservation of our past.
  • Exploring our health and natural beauty of the seasons to learn about changes that take place and how they effect our lives.

The possibilities of what we can do is endless, if we can find funding. We have proven we can be successful to inspire and exercise minds.” – 2016 -2018 Board and Advisory Board

Hallet Oak Gallery is an art, performance and learning center that hosts family-friendly education and themed events that encourage using the arts to build a better understanding of our health and environment.

2018 Themed Events:

  • Patriotic Art Exhibit
  • Hallettsville Livestock & Rodeo Contest
  • Lavaca County Art in Architecture
  • First Day of Spring Chalk Art Festival
  • Juneteenth Celebration
  • Pumpkin Harvest Spooktacular
  • Christkindlmarkt. Downtown Hallettsville