2018 Health, Environment, & History Programs through Art! Programs that Need Funding:

Paint Your Feelings Beautiful.


Activity: Encourage students to see how a natural environment can affect their emotional health. Observe a natural environment and then create a work of art which reflects what they felt.  

 Part 1. Tell students that we are going to take a walk through a natural environment in order to create a work of art when we return to the Gallery. They may take supplies such as a drawing pad, favorite drawing utensils, and a camera.

 On the walk, students will be encouraged to observe how the variety of colors, shapes smells and sounds of the location affect their emotions. They will observe nature from many different angles and discuss all with the other students. The students will sit alone for a while in order to absorb the feelings generated by nature.  Emotions will be encouraged by being asked questions such as what does this environment remind you of? How does it make you feel? How is this environment different from where you live or your city?  Why might you want to stay here longer?  How could this make you feel better? Would you want to preserve this environment?  Encourage students to find locations near their homes and schools where they can be alone or with others and enjoy the natural environment.

Part 2. Return to the Hallet Oak Gallery.  Spend some time reflecting on your experience. Use your notes, drawings and memories to create a painting to illustrate your emotions on your canvas.

Student artwork will be displayed in the Hallet Oak Gallery in order to generate pride in their work.