Hallet Oak Gallery, Historic Kahn & Stanzel Bldg., 115 North Main Street, Hallettsville, TX 77964

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Hallet Oak Gallery on the Courthouse Square
A 501 (c) (3) Non-profit Fine Art, Performance and Learning Center.

Experience it! Explore it! Enjoy it! Be a Part of It!

Inspiring and Exercising Minds!

Fine Art * Fun Art Classes * Leisure Learning * Listening Music Hall * Open Mic

Acrylic, Oil, Photography, Crafts, and Guitar Workshop!

Community Events, Art Contests and More!

Patrons, sponsors, donors and volunteers are greatly appreciated!

Gallery is open to the public – Free Admission during open hours.

Some events and workshops have nominal fees to help cover some of the costs of the events, see calendar-of-events for details and prices.

Hallet Oak Gallery
Historic Kahn & Stanzel Building
115 North Main Street
Hallettsville Texas 77964

Monday through Thursday 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Friday and Saturday 9 a.m. till 5 p.m.
Check Schedule of Events at halletoakgallery.com
Free Admission Tours during Open Hours or by Appointment.

Saturday mornings, meet the artist over fresh brewed coffee. Saturday afternoons at 2 pm, enjoy open house receptions for featured artists and wine tastings. All are welcomed. No dress code, free entry, handicapped accessible. School or bus tours by appointment.

View the Gallery Collection of over 20 regional and five international artists. All artworks are for sale:


The 1890 Kahn & Stanzel Building is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places!

Incorporated 2/26/2016, the Hallet Oak Gallery, is an independent non-profit organization which has additional support from Dr. Betty Edwards, who is the building’s owner.  The combined goals are to enhance art appreciation for the community as a whole—from grade school students to senior citizens—and to expose visitors to the talents and flavors of this region. With a collection of over 20 regional artist and five international.   The docents at the Hallet Oak Gallery conduct weekday visits, community outreach presentations, and daily tours. They facilitate engaging dialogue with viewers to understand the art, history, and culture. Our Docents are knowledgeable and are a gracious representative of the Gallery — who are a big part of bringing art to Hallettsville’s community. Located in downtown Hallettsville opposite the picturesque Lavaca County Courthouse, the gallery occupies the historic Kahn and Stanzel Building designed by renowned architect James Riely Gordon.

Gallery Tours:
View art by both regional and international artists. Sip a complimentary coffee as you browse through the library of art books. The gallery features original art, jewelry, pottery, sculptures, bronzes, paintings, and limited-edition photographic prints. New artworks are displayed monthly.


View the Timeline, tracing the history of the famous Hallet Oak tree, circa 1750-2015; the Hallet family; and the century-old Kahn & Stanzel building. Enjoy the historic James Riely Gordon architecture and views of the Lavaca County Courthouse and downtown square. (Monday – Thursday 10 AM – 2 PM, Friday & Saturdays 9 AM to 5 PM, or by Appointment)

Saturday Morning Emporium:
9 AM – Noon Bring your friends to meet the artists and join in the camaraderie with the artists and other visitors over coffee and pastries…a great place for your out of town guests to find an inexpensive souvenir of Hallettsville.

Saturday Afternoon: Spotlight on the Arts: 2 – 5 PM Showcasing a new artist each month with exhibits and receptions featuring individual artists, musicians or local favorites. Wine tastings and sampling of foods of Czech, German and Polish heritage.

On-going happenings in downtown Hallettsville! In the music hall, enjoy Music Night at the HOG featuring original songwriters of Bluegrass, Country, Folk and Rock every 2nd Monday of the month, 7-9 PM. Stay informed with the monthly Saturday Lunch & Learns, 12-1 PM. Learn at your leisure by attending workshops, classes, evening lectures, and movies about the arts.

Additional support for Gallery events comes in part from the City of Hallettsville, Dr. Betty Edwards, Friends of the Gallery, Sponsors, and VIP Gallery Docents and Friends of Hallettsivlle Downtown Revitalization.  To learn how you can help or be a part of the gallery, contact Mieko Mahi, Founder & Executive Director, Hallet Oak Gallery at mieko@halletogallery.com or call 361-217-7030.

Gallery Sweet Shop: Gourmet Coffee, Homemade Local Breads and Sweets, Collectibles

Items for Sale: Most art on display, vintage jewelry donated by Friends of the Gallery, antique cowhide wagon chairs. Wine and cheese at receptions.

New art gallery, rental hall, Hallet Oak Gallery, located in the historical Kahn & Stanzel Bulding, 115 N. Main St., Hallettsville, TX 77964. halletogallery.com

New art gallery, rental hall, Hallet Oak Gallery, located in the historical Kahn & Stanzel Bulding, 115 N. Main St., Hallettsville, TX 77964. halletogallery.com

New art gallery, rental hall, Hallet Oak Gallery, located in the historical Kahn & Stanzel Bulding, 115 N. Main St., Hallettsville, TX 77964. halletogallery.com

New art gallery, rental hall, Hallet Oak Gallery, located in the historical Kahn & Stanzel Bulding, 115 N. Main St., Hallettsville, TX 77964. halletogallery.com

Gallery Venue: Non Smoking. Wheelchair Accessible

Decorated to reflect its historic charm, the Gallery is a multipurpose Texas historical venue for art and entertainment. Low Cost, comfortable, and spacious, it is central to Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Waco, Victoria and Corpus. “Share the drive and experience Hallettsville’s hospitality!” It accommodates 70 seated or 144 standing and is ideal for business meetings or social events.

Reminiscent of 1890, the Gallery is a relaxing place to book a lunch, play your favorite instrument, or hold a jam session while you view the newly restored Lavaca County Courthouse. To learn more about the restoration architect, visit the James P. Arnold web site at http://www.jamesparnold.com/the-kahn-stanzel-building/, email venue@halletoakgallery.com or call 361-217-7030.

Every 2nd Monday Night of the Month at the HOG: JD Wellfed & Guest: Original Songs

Music Night at the HOG: JD Wellfed & Guest: Original Songs

Every 2nd Monday Night of the Month at the HOG: JD Wellfed & Guest: Original Songs

Bob Barrera’s “Strokes with a Sip” Acrylic Painting Class!



For more information contact venue@halletoakgallery.com or 361-217-7030.

Meet in Hallettsville to experience Lavaca County’s hospitality! See Hotels & Points of Interest page!


Who We Are: A Non-Profit Organization


smhallet_oak_foundation_logo                               Hallet Oak Foundation Incorporated – A Non-Profit 501 (3) (c)


Our mission is to provide a vibrant center in downtown Hallettsville for people to explore and enjoy an art, performance, and learning center.  As a non-profit foundation, we’re divided into two parts: the Hallet Oak Gallery and Friends of Hallettsville Downtown Revitalization.


Located in the historic Kahn & Stanzel Building, the Hallet Oak Gallery exhibits artworks from more than 20 regional and international artists. The gallery regularly provides meet-and-greets with the artists and offers educational workshops, classes, evening lectures, musical events, and movies pertaining to the arts.


The Friends of Hallettsville Downtown Revitalization organization is dedicated to preserving the history of the town through guided tours, cultural activities, and fund-raising community events.



To offer the people of Hallettsville and surrounding Lavaca County a lively new home to experience, explore, and enjoy cultural arts. The long-term result of this effort will be to deepen the community’s appreciation for art and culture.



Hallet Oak Foundation Incorporated  Supporters

Officers – All Volunteer

2016 -2017 Board of Directors

Mieko Mahi, Founder and Executive Director.  Mieko has a BA in Visual Arts from the University of Texas at Dallas and is a freelance photographer for the past 27 years in the energy industry and she is owner of EnergyImages.Com, LLC., an oil and gas stock photo agency. Mieko’s passion is bringing the art education workshops in Downtown Hallettsville and is determined to bring in more variety for youths and senior citizens, as well as, work on revitalization projects through art and culture.

Claire Scoggin, Curriculum.  Claire Scoggin, retired in 2014 from the Houston Museum of Natural Science as Director of the Wiess Energy Hall. Claire taught 7th grade Texas history for 27 years. Claire’s passion is Ecology & Energy Science Education and continuing education in schools using art and tools to make learning about history, sciences, and art and she’ll use her skills to bring art curriculum to the community. Graduate of University of Texas at Austin, Secondary Education specializing in English and Social Studies. She is a curriculum specialist.

Alice Vickers, Administration.  Alice attended Sam Houston State College with an emphasis on Business and Art. Retired in 1999 from ExxonMobil as an Executive Administrative Assistant, Alice is an active member of many Texas art institutions. Alice is focused on making a difference to the community and doing what’s necessary to support  art education.

Advisory Board

Betty J. Edwards, M. D.

Sue Pritchett

Treasury Assistant

Aaron Riske

About Donations:

Art is a part of revitalization. Art draws people together. Affordable original art encourages art appreciation. Art lesson encourages art inspiration. Lecturers and musicians are supported by Hallet Oak Gallery to share their skills to new generations.

Like all not-for-profit centers, Hallet Oak Gallery relies on donations to cover revolving bills to keep the doors open and for continuing programs and developing new ones. Your support of Hallet Oak Foundation represents a significant role in helping Hallet Oak Gallery and Friends of Hallettsville Downtown Revitalization fulfilling its purpose and mission to the community it serves. All donations to Hallet Oak Foundation are fully tax deductible per IRS guidelines as a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization.

We can achieve these goals by generous donations. And every dollar counts: Patron of the Arts: $30 to $249.
 Benefactor: $250 and over.
 Operation Supporter: $800 and over. Hallet Oak Society: $5000 and over.
 Lunch Sponsor: $100 to be listed in press release for sponsoring refreshments for an event. Volunteer: Donates time as docent or assisting with events and facilities. Trailblazer: Visits Gallery regularly, and/or attends classes, events, and shops the Gallery for gifts and art.

Upon request names of donors of $160 or more will be listed in the Downtown Happenings ad and our poster. Hallet Oak Society and Operation Supporter donors will be engraved above the Hallettsville Historical Timeline with year donated.

We are an all-volunteer board and are in immediate need of $5000 to keep our doors open through 2017.

We also are offering Memberships to the Hallet Oak Gallery. Membership levels are:

How to Join Membership:

You may mail or drop off a  check payable to Hallet Oak Gallery, 115 N. Main Street or PO Box 662, Hallettsville, TX 77964

Facebook Page for Hallet Oak Gallery – Membership Form


Or use the online store to pay with a credit card:

Click here for the link: Online Store to Join Membership


$20 Senior Citizen

$40 Senior Couples

$30 Adult

$50 Adult Couples

$75 Family

$15 Student/w/Student ID

$20 Educator

$160 Friends of the Gallery Unless otherwise designated, Friends are listed in the monthly “Downtown Happenings” Ad in the Hallettsville Tribune Herald.

Membership is an important source of support for the Hallet Oak Gallery.  Annual memberships help cover overhead of the Gallery and enable us to offer quality programs for local citizens, foster art appreciation, and support our local and regional artists.  We have an all-volunteer and all-volunteer docent program at this time.

Benefits of Membership

Free Admission to All Exhibitions

Free Admission to Family Programs

25% Discount to Subleasing Historic Building for Private Use

10% Discount to Planned Public Programs

Annual Member Art Show Extravaganza with Special Art Trade Tables

Annual Invitation to Fund Raiser Gala Third Saturday in January

The public will find an array of Fine Art on display ongoing from local and international artist. Art is for sale as a non-profit: 70 percent goes to the artist, 30 percent goes to the Gallery. Ongoing free art receptions, book signings, community holiday parties, planned family days of craft making. New is Square Art Bunch – a free club open to the public (membership not-required) to learn art appreciation, art projects for individual use or charity of your choice and planned field trips

All of us at the Gallery are excited with our success and our enthusiasm for our programs! We need and would welcome some additional financial donations to keep the programs going and cover basic expenses. Our small fees paid by individual’s for workshops, music performances, and other events at the HOG do not cover all the expenses. Please join membership at the Hallet Oak Gallery!  

Join Membership with Hallet Oak Gallery, Choose One: $20 Senior Citizen; $40 Senior Couples; $30 Adult; $50 Adult Couples; $75 Family; $15 Student/w/Student ID; $20 Educator; $160 Friends of the Gallery Unless otherwise designated, Friends are listed in the monthly “Downtown Happenings” Ad in the Hallettsville Tribune Herald.

Consider including Hallet Oak Foundation in your will or living trust for those activities for the community that you would like to be remembered.

To donate to the Steve Beckman Scholarship Fund: https://squareup.com/store/halletoakgallery



The Hallet Oak Gallery, an art, performance and learning center, has established a scholarship fund to honor Steve Beckman, who passed away recently.  To donate to the fund, make checks made payable to the Hallet Oak Gallery or Hallet Oak Foundation, P. O. Box 662, Hallettsville, TX  77964, and designate them for the Steve Beckman Scholarship Fund.  Donations also may be made with credit cards via website at halletoakgallery.com.  Click on the tab that says GIVE NOW and specify the Steve Beckman Scholarship Fund in the “In Memory of” text box.

To apply for a Steve Beckman Scholarship, please submit an essay explaining why you would like to attend an art class or workshop to Hallet Oak Gallery. The Scholarship Fund includes visual art, music, writing and floral arts.  If applying for a visual arts scholarship, please submit two examples of your artwork or music in low resolution jpeg by email or link to social media venue@halletoakgallery.com or by mail on DVD.  Submissions should include applicant’s name, mailing address, email, phone, and desired workshop and date.  Applicants may also include websites, social media public pages, blogs, or examples of work online if available and related to art. Scholarship awards will be based on the essays and accompanying samples of an applicant’s work. The Hallet Oak Foundation Inc. will review the essays and artworks in their timeframe and send acceptance letters by mail.

Watercolor artist Steve Beckman, left behind family, friends, and many art buyers mourning both the loss of his great talent and friendship, but his work lives on. His paintings are recognizable for their textures, style, and versatile subject matter. He took pride in his bold, colorful style, and he loved displaying his work with its variety of content from cattle expressions, figures in motion and whimsical slices of life.



Hallet Oak Gallery Goals:

Hallet Oak Gallery’s ultimate goal is to revitalize Hallettsville through art and culture. The Hallet Oak Gallery is a place to exhibit art, see art, and learn art and is the artistic and cultural center of Lavaca County. The organization offers six different core services that target senior citizens, individuals with special needs, and students who attend rural schools affected by a lack of art funding. Our services include:

One-stop Learning Center – Free Family Days

  • Cultural Arts Exhibitions – Students, Emerging, Established Exhibits
  • Educational Outreach – Public Lunch & Learns, Student Tours/Lectures
  • Artist Studio Programs – Encouraging Artist to Teach
  • Special Cultural Opportunities – All Free: Spring Festival, Spooktacular, & Chriskindlmarkt
  • Art Trail and Civic Programs – Encouraging Tourism, Public Art, & Art Contests


Most of the programs are offered for free to the community. Because of this, the Gallery relies on the generosity of community partners to deliver important services without interruption.

Halloween Spooktacular Party at the Hallet Oak Gallery. Pumpkin Contest for all ages!

To support these programs is in our best interest to ensure humanity perpetuates.” – Dr. Betty Edwards

Michael Windberg’s oil painting class at the Hallet Oak Gallery on Tuesday nights. Contact Michael to sign up!

The Hallet Oak Gallery provides services for the local community and surrounding area. We support the continuation and possible expansion of these programs.” – Robert & Doris Zumwalt

Your programs definitely challenge and build students’ confidence and offer different schools the opportunity to make better use of limited resources. ” – Colette T. Burroughs, Art Teacher, SHSC

Texas Society of Architects partners with Hallet Oak Gallery for Annual Historical Art Contest